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Why We Don't Like Glycerin!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Glycerin is known as the miracle product/additive and is used in almost 95% of all skin care product preparations. It's claim to fame has two main reasons. The first one is that Glycerin is an inexpensive chemical which helps to make emulsification of creams much easier. The other supposed reason is that due to its hydrophilic (moisture/water loving) properties, we are sold the idea that Glycerin (both vegetable sourced or petroleum sourced) due to this property, will steal water from the surrounding atmosphere and give it to your skin. This is not 100% true. If you live in Hawaii with an average humidity factor of 70%, may be. but most of us leave in areas with average humidity of 40%. Guess where the glycerin in your skin product tries to get it's extra moisture from when it cannot get it from the air? You guessed it, from deep layers of your skin! As long as you use a product with Glycerin in it, you probably won't see or feel a difference. This is due to Glycerin acting as a barrier keeping some of the stolen moisture still between itself and the top surface of your skin. A good test to see the long term damage glycerin does to your skin is stop using the product that has Glycerin in it and after a week see how dry your skin become. This is not due to you not using a moisturizing cream for that week, it's the after effects of Glycerin robbing your skin of all its deep moisture.

That's why we don't use any Glycerin in any of our Nurish products.

Hype about Glycerin
Hype about Glycerin

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