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Does taking care of your hands improve self-esteem?

Your hands are the doorway to the external world second to your eyes! The same way that you wear your best cloths to make an impression on how people look at you, and the way it makes you feel good, by taking care of your hands, it does the same thing. Before you redirect this email to the abyss, take a moment to ponder the reality of the points below and maybe it will benefit you in ways unimaginable.

Consider how often you interact with others and yourself through your hands. Shaking hands, caressing, feeling, touching, handling objects and even receiving and giving money, the basis of your worth (in the material world). Every time you interact like this, you could do so with a "well-groomed" and soft hands or do it with dry, unpleasant hands. Whichever way you choose, you leave an impression on the person you are interacting with and eventually a perceived way of being established within your own psyche.

So please, do take care of your hands by manicuring you nails and keeping your skin healthy and soft through 100% natural and vegan Nurish Moisturizing Cream.

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