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The Gender Gap in Skincare: Why Do Men Use Less Moisturizing Cream Than Women? (Follow Up)

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Moisturizers and men

Since my previous blog regarding this subject, I had quite a lot of great responses to my enquiry regarding why less men use moisturizers than women. I received a lot of interesting feedback and suggestions; however, most were geared towards the biological differences between men's skin vs women's and personal preferences such as scent... Yes, there are differences between men's skin and women's such as men's skin are generally more oily and thicker (no pun intended), that men tend to spend more time in the sun, men's skin generally wrinkles at an older age than women, and a lot more differences. And there are a plenty of moisturizers that are marketed for this purpose (for men). Non-the-less, the men's skin care market is much less than that of women. which brings me back to the original question of why less men use moisturizers than women.

It's an interesting question which I have not yet found an answer too. Google it, if you find anything, please let me know. So, I will hypothesize based on indirect characterization. My previous blog, "Does taking care of your hands improve self-esteem?" talks about the importance of self-esteem and how your hands play an important part in it, both for men and women. However, there is a socially innate and biological difference between how men perceive self-esteem versus women. In general, men acquire self-esteem mainly through their achievements in business/finance and community affairs. However, women in general build up self-esteem not only through community affairs and parenting, but also through how they present themselves in the society. This includes (but not limited) to how they look visually and how they dress. And that's why women take better care of their skin than in general men do.

It's a complex conundrum which marketing companies will "kill" to get an answer too. And I know that I have simplified it here for the sake of this blog, but men, heed my advice, learn from women, there is something that we can all learn from them on why for thousands of years they have been taking such a good care of their skin. Try it and see your self-esteem grow.

Best wishes,

David Levy

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