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Uncovering the Gender Divide in Skincare: The Science Behind Men's Reluctance to Moisturizers.

The title is a little misleading in the sense that I am not uncovering anything here but posing a question. Even though men in general work more with their hands than women, why is it that they use moisturizers much less than women?

The question is not if there is a difference between moisturizers for men and for women, or that men's skin differs than that of women (I will cover this in a different blog). But why men in general use less moisturizers than women. For now, I don't have an answer, but would like to read your responses and structure my next blog based on your comments. So, please don't be shy and share what you think regarding this subject by responding to this blog (email me by pressing the email button below). By the way, I am an equal opportunity blogger, addressing my question to both sexes.

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