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How Biodynamics Helped Me Create Nürish

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

As my video shows, the original intention of my creating NÜRISH was to produce a moisturizing cream that was 100% natural and vegan. In essence, something that would be as good as what you put in your body and more effective for your skin than most moisturizing creams in the market. As you can imagine this is not an easy task. Water soluble products like Aloe juice or gel do not mix well with oils. In the conventional cosmetics manufacturing industry, they force the two to mix and stay in a mixture form (emulsion) by adding harsh chemicals or binders (I will discuss the details of this in a different posting) and force the two opposite to co-exist together against their will. I never liked "forcing" things to do what I like them to do or for that matter create something by force which do not have the "innate" tendency to coexist. I intentionally use the word innate because it implies a natural way of being. However, Nature and Humanity can be trained, taught and enlightened to coexist or live together in ways that is much more elevated than it's or our innateness. This is how, more or less, humanity has evolved. We were barbarians at one time, fighting and killing for our daily leaving and now we live in communities, working together and trading for our livelihood, studying and helping each other. This is where Biodynamics comes into play. Biodynamics is the study of nature and how things in nature interact with each other. It took me more than 5 years to learn through Biodynamics, how nature works. How and why things "like" or "don't like" each other. Just like humanity, you can bring two enemies to the table and present to them (enlighten them to) the benefits and wisdom of peace and coexistence, and all of a sudden, just like a miracle, you have created two friends that are inseparable.

This is also how it is in Nature and what it took me to create Nürish. Bringing my Aloe juice and all the other lovely oils to the table and finding out what it takes for them to coexist without bringing in the "military". Each natural ingredient had a different need and a different tolerance. Different combination and manner of ways were negotiated. You can imagine the difficulty with having over 13 different ingredients (participants)! Finally, after 5 years and some failures, the "Community" was created. A community that is all loving, all giving and something that once you are part of, you too will feel it!

I know as a blog, this is a long one. I promise my future blogs will be much shorter. it's difficult to put 5 years of roundtable meetings, negotiations and peace talks in several sentences, especially when the participants are the likes of Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Almond and Aspen Tree Bark...

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