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Shampoo Bar & Moisturizer? (Hair Care for your itchy dry scalp By Nurish)

Updated: May 8, 2023

Nurish Shampoo Bar+

True to my own belief, whenever I face a problem, I try to find a solution and if it solves the problem, help others with the same issue. Just like the story of how I ended up creating Nürish Moisturizing Cream, for years I had a problem with dry itchy scalp. I tried all sorts of shampoos, medicated ones, expensive ones, inexpensive ones... Finally, I decided to create a shampoo that would help alleviate the problem. it took some time to develop a formula up to our standards that was also 100% natural and vegan. I also choose to make it into a bar rather than the customary plastic bottle to make it is easier to use, longer lasting and environmentally friendly. Our bars send zero waste to landfills. I have added Nürish Shampoo Bar+ to the Nürish family of skin care products and it is available only online.

Happy Shampooing,


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