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I am dumfounded to see people spending sometimes twice or even three times the regular price for organic and vegan food without giving it a second thought, and when it comes to moisturizing creams, look for the least expensive ones (not that all expensive creams are good) or not even bother to look at the formula.  At best, most of us buy moisturizing creams based on how it feels on our skin.

Several years ago, I posted a blog about the importance of “not putting anything on your skin that you won’t put in your stomach”.  See my video on YouTube.  In this blog I would like to briefly explain why.

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body because it covers an area of 1.7 square meters (183 square feet).  That’s about 8 regular size blankets.  That’s a lot of blankets to keep you warm in the winter.

  • The skin is a sponge and will absorb almost anything you put on it.

  • It acts as a sensory organ and helps regulate the body temperature.

  • It protects other organisms in our body and is responsible for protecting them from harmful sun rays, external bacteria and other assaults.

  • It helps in elimination of some toxic products of our metabolism.

  • The skin contains growths of nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles and glands.

  • It ensures that very little moisture leaks out.

  • It keeps all your other organs in place! You would have a hard time walking around with all your internal organs hanging around.

So please, the next time you want to buy a moisturizing cream, be kind to your skin.

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