Nürish, Born from the Garden


The Story of NÜRISH

The founder loved to create and sustain his garden! After experiencing dry skin from working with his hands and being unable to find a cream that could sustain a healthy skin balance, he became committed to creating a cream that would. NÜRISH is the result of years of research and development, study of Biodynamics and the devotion to introduce an all-natural hand and body moisturizing cream that will, well, NÜRISH you!

He created NÜRISH with 3 simple criteria:

  1. It had to be natural, truly all natural & vegan.

  2. It had to be effective with immediate results and not leave your skin greasy.

  3. It had to be fast absorbing and last all day, even after several washes.  Like a second skin.


  • Be true to the concept of Clean and use Biodynamics to source our ingredients and their blending process.

  • Create products that show instant results and that our consumers can trust.

  • Be a Net-Positive influence on our Environment and our Community.

About the Founder

After graduating the University of Southern California with a degree in Chemical Engineering, David Levy was the first to introduce a full line of all-natural vitamin supplements to the market. His passion with working in and studying nature (Biodynamics) has brought him a deep understanding of how symbiosis in nature works and how to apply that to our everyday life.  David believes in the simplicity of life and the wholesomeness of living.

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