Apply half a pearl size of Nürish to your skin. Massage gently into the skin and feel the instant, soothing results! Protects and NÜRISHes your skin all day, even after several washes.


2 OZ

Nürish Face, Hand & Body Deep Moisturizing Cream, 2 oz

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice -  Shea Butter - Candelilla Wax (Plant Derived) -Olive Oil - Sunflower Lecithin Grapeseed Oil - Almond Oil - Organic Coconut Oil - Apricot Kernel Oil - Castor Oil - Aspen Tree Bark Extract/Black Currant Extract - Jojoba Oil - Honeysuckle Extract - Natural Vitamin E Oil (D-alpha Tocopherol) - Guar Gum/Xanthan Gum (Plant Derived)

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